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Considering working from home?, perhaps tired of work 8 hours a day and all the profits of your hard work go to a boss, that can be very disheartening for many people. It certainly is hard to watch other people deriving the benefits of your hard work. Making the switch from ‘security’ to the unknown can be scary, but you need to consider how secure is your job? A false sense of security often keeps people in a dead end job where they are not happy, because they might lose their provident fund, or retirement fund.

To work from home, most people have the skills and ability to make it succeed, but it takes determination to succeed, a will to make it work and achieve the goals you set-out for yourself.

 Before you begin..

Before taking the plunge to work from home there are a few things you need to take into consideration:

Set aside an area in your home where you will not be disturbed. If you have a room that you can close the door or a cottage in the back yard, both will give you the privacy and set your work aside from your family’s daily activities. This will help to keep your laptop, fax machines, copier if you need and have them, documentation, file cabinets, etc., and being able to close the door means that no other person handles your office materials.Setting the boundaries with family and friends – this aspect is vital to helping you achieve success. Once you make the decision you need to set the hours you want to work at it and try to avoid interruptions unless its an emergency.

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is you can decide on the hours you will work, these can be fitted around your family’s needs, for instance getting the children to school, fetching them and taking them to extramural activities. theshopping washing etc. you have the freedom to decide the number of hours you can devote to a business.

Getting help so you can work from home

If you have young pre-school children that will require attention, getting a nanny, baby sitter or taking them to a pre-school centre will give you the much needed freedom to get your work done. Get a cleaning lady to do the housework while you work. Many people working outside the home for a boss make use of cleaning ladies and nannies/babysitters, so there is no reason why you should not do the same.

Having established work space, boundaries, working hours, you are ready to start working, this Is often when people come unstuck… But what can I do?

There are many work from home opportunities, many advertised and can overwhelm you with the volume of people offering different work from home opportunists. Some require skills, others you don’t need many skills to do them.

 If you are handy with any crafts, then that’s an area you can pursue, making and creating goods to sell can be rewarding and also profitable. You can then market your goods at a flea-market, or contact craft stores, many of them stock goods that are ready made for people to buy. Or deal directly with people using adverts to advertise your products, people who are interested will contact you directly and buy what you have done or commission you to do specific ideas and designs. Crafts can fall under many categories, from Cake Decorating to woodwork projects. Your handy skills or hobby could be a money spinner.


If you have specific qualifications you can utilize them in a work from home environment for instance a Chartered Accountant can act as a consultant for businesses, or a book-keeper can do books for small companies. A telephonist can contact small businesses and act as their message taker or be the liaison between clients and busy business people. Your skills dictate the area you can use for working effectively at home.

 Teachers can offer extra classes to teach children that need lessons in subjects they are struggling with. Music teachers can teach music, my blind grandmother taught music from home and also ran a herbal shop from her front room, brought up 6 children on the money she earned. If you have a handicap, blind or deaf, in a wheelchair, don’t allow your handicap to be a stumbling block and prevent you achieving your aims and desires, I’m a deaf freelance writer. There are many famous people, Beethoven wrote some of his best compositions after he went deaf. Helen Keller with a double handicap of being blind and deaf became an American author, political activist and lecturer. An extreme handicap did not stop a great mind like Stephen Hawkins 40 year career as a theoretical physicist, and the many awards he achieved in his career. What I’m trying to demonstrate here is that determination and a will to do well, anyone can achieve anything you wish.

 Freelance work

 Freelancing is one of the areas that is achievable for many people, and can put food on the table and pay the bills. From freelance writing, affiliate programs, promoting a companies image and products on social media platforms, writing reviews of products, services, and companies like casinos, performing daily typing jobs, data capture, translations from one language to another, transcriptions services, editing and proof reading, writing short stories, e-books, internet marketing, taking surveys and expressing your opinions of products, testing products, and giving your opinion of their performance, secret shoppers to test how a companies employees are performing, forex and investments, there is so many opportunities, keep an open mind and remember if you have to pay for a service look into it very carefully before parting with hard earned money in a work from home opportunity.

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