Online Job Opportunities For Students

Students are generally short of money, whether they need money to pay for their studies, books, food and accommodation, plus they also need money for social interaction with their peers. Unless you hail from a very wealthy family, which is about 5% of most students, money is always an issue when students are trying to educate themselves.

Most students have computers or access to computers and they are turning to online jobs to earn much needed cash. We list below some online job opportunities that students can try:

Since money is tight most students do not have money to invest into an income opportunity we will concentrate on the free to join no fees opportunities that earn money.

Student jobs

Online student jobs

Online Paid Surveys

This is one of the simplest ways to earn extra cash with online job opportunities. Voicing your opinion is what many companies are seeking, they need to know how their products perform and if the public is satisfied with them. Well known companies commission a market research company to conduct these surveys, they work to a set criteria, such as, sex, age, location, and whether the respondent or family member works for the company that is commissioning the survey, these are the basics, other criteria my come up from time to time. Genuine survey companies do not ask you to pay for your opinion.


If you have good skills in a subject and enjoy helping fellow students to better their knowledge base, then why not get paid for doing that. Online Job opportunities as a tutor are to be found through Google search, no money to pay upfront, just sign up, list your skills and qualification in their sign up forms, add your payment methods, depending if the website is overseas or in South Africa Overseas payments via PayPal are common and accepted, local companies prefer to EFT directly into your bank.

Article Writing

One of the best online job opportunities is to hire yourself as a freelance writer. If you have good writing skills, article writing could just be what students need to make those extra bucks. Many web-entrepreneurs require quality content for their websites, good content helps a website owner to have a higher ranking on the Google ratings. The higher the rank the closer the website will be on the first page of a search string. Most webmaster try to achieve the number one spot on the first page. Requirements for article writing you need to have excellent grammar and spelling, and well as good sentence structure. Payment could be via Paypal or locally EFT. Here are a few sites you could consider or place advertisements on online advertising sites.

PTC Paid To Click Online Jobs

PTC (paid to click) sites allow students to earn money by clicking on advertisements then viewing them. Once you have signed up on a PTC website you will then be able to view members sites and get paid for doing so. Many of these PTC sites also give credits for you to place advertisements of your business opportunities. This is one of the easiest and fun ways for students to earn money

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