Make Money Online - Online Surveys

If you are looking for ways to make money online, you could consider taking paid surveys, this is an emerging market that is becoming more popular in South Africa. Many people in the USA and UK do paid surveys and make an honest living.

Make Money Online – Online Surveys

Commercial companies use market research (surveys) to gauge the performance, popularity and problems related to their products and services. From new companies who are just starting out and wish to know how much competition a particular product line will have, to how how people might view a new concept and if it would fit into their lifestyle, in order to decide if it would be a viable option to start a business, or a long established company who feels their products are not performing as well as expected and they want to find out why. Surveys are a good way for these companies to strategise and decide if there is a need to change, scrap or redesign a product, packaging, usage patterns and pricing from what people say about the product.


Surveys can help you make money online

To take surveys online you will need a computer and internet access to the world wide web, doing a basic search with keywords ‘paid surveys’ in your browser, such as Google, Yahoo, or any other favourite search engine. You will find lots of hits for marketing companies that offer paid surveys, other places you will find survey opportunities in ‘make money online’ or ‘work from home’ forums.

There are some online companies who ask for an upfront payment for their services to make money, you should be very careful about handing over money as many of these online companies are often just out to scam you out of your hard earned bucks and mostly never deliver on the promise they make. They will promise you work, once signed up they then do an internet search with some hits of companies that you have to apply to, you can do this yourself without paying upfront and achieve the same results.

To achieve your desired goal to make money online with paid surveys, you need to sign up with reputable online survey companies, who offer genuine survey opportunities and pay you for your honest opinion. Open one account for each company you choose and do not open more than one account with the same company, by doing so the company will penalise you and you will probably lose any money you have made.

Benefits of doing Online Surveys

Depending on the company you choose, some companies pay their respondents with points that can be accumulated and exchanged for goods, while others will pay out cash directly into your bank account. In most cases the surveys will take about 20 minutes, and you get the opportunity to answer questions and give your personal opinion of the product or service that is being surveyed.

In order for a survey company to offer a client a fair representation of the population in the survey sample, they will choose a variety of people to a set criteria, for instance age groups, gender, geographical location, employment status and other criteria that may be decided between the client and the survey company.   

To make money online doing paid surveys is relatively easy, once you have been accepted to do the survey, the whole process proceeds in an orderly fashion. In most instances you will answer multiple choice questions where you will tick a box for the best answer, or you will be asked to give a statement points out of 10, the lower register being in the negative and the upper register the positive.

Apart from being able to voice your opinion when doing a survey, the whole process can be a lot of fun and you often learn something that can be useful in the future.

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