Internet Growth In South Africa

The internet has grown incredibly fast in the past few years, and growth in South Africa has also taken the ‘internet airwaves’ by storm.

It seems that almost everyone has means to access the internet, but that is not always the case. There are many people who have no access to this phenomenal storehouse of knowledge, access to connect with friends family and peers.

Smart-phone sales in South Africa are on the rise, which is giving many people an opportunity using their smart-phones to chat with friends. Access is via social media sites, such as, twitter, how many followers do you have now? Facebook is another platform that is used widely, posting pictures to complaining about abuse of animals and children. From young people to grand parents all connecting on this highly successful means of communicating with people far and near. Facebook also has gaming opportunities and you can challenge your friends to compete with you on a favourite game.

Phoning people like we did in the good old days via a landline seems to be a thing of the past, landlines have become largely used by businesses for business purposes, what has taken over is chatting on a cell phone, using sms or a chat site such as Whatsapp, Mxit, We Chat and Viber. All of these chat sites have grown from a few members to millions worldwide, all enjoying the opportunity to connect with new and old friends.

Email is another means of connecting people widely used in business and personally, smart phones today have email capabilities, browsing the internet and much more using mobile devices. These mini ‘computers’ have given people freedom to connect via the internet worldwide as well as South Africa.

Education is another aspect of the internet, in South Africa many schools have computers giving school children access to the World Wide Web. Study guides to researching subjects South African students have access to the greatest encyclopaedia in the world, no matter what you want to know a student or anyone can do a search on the internet for information, using keywords to find the subject you want. Popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and many others, some using the Google platform. Type in a string of words and the search engine will pull up a number of websites that match the keyword criteria.

Businesses small and large use the Internet daily to conduct business, shopping online to booking rugby tickets have become a way of life in South Africa, Many bricks and mortar business have jumped on this bandwaggon to extend their business outside of the stores, thus giving them an opportunity to sell to a wider public.


Leisure is not left out, booking a holiday is so easy, hotels, bed and breakfasts establishments showcase their facilities with booking forms for people to complete their booking.

Internet banking is a multi-million Rand business conducted online, every day millions of people pay accounts, purchase goods, receive payments, buy airtime and generally manage their banking accounts, all done online.

Daily South Africans are discovering how easy it is to activate an internet account, manage and operate all with the press of a few buttons, so much activity is recorded every day and night, the Internet never sleeps even in South Africa.

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